In the ADF you'll experience some of the world's most advanced aircraft, ships, vehicles, weaponry and ICT systems.

support-at-sea support-at-sea
Protection and support at sea

The Navy is tasked with protecting an exceptionally long coastline, as well as contributing to regional security and international disaster-relief operations. This calls for a flexible and adaptable naval capability, resourced with leading-edge technology across ships, submarines and aircraft.

peak-defensive-capability peak-defensive-capability
Peak defensive capability on land

The Army is constantly evolving to extend and strengthen its capabilities. Battlefield superiority is maintained through the use of cutting-edge rifles, machine guns, anti-tank weapons and missile systems, supported by heavy artillery, tanks, helicopters, unmanned aircraft and armoured vehicles.

Superiority in the air Superiority in the air
Superiority in the air

The Navy and Army utilise state-of-the-art multi-purpose helicopters in roles ranging from troop transport to search and rescue and combat support. For world-class strike capability, mobility and surveillance, the Air Force operates a fleet of highly sophisticated fixed-wing aircraft.

control-of-communications control-of-communications
Control of communications

Electronic warfare is now a key weapon in the ADF armoury and advanced systems give Australia strategic and tactical advantage. The very latest communication technology is also used throughout the services to gain intelligence, maintain contact and direct operations.

Weapons, vehicles, vessels and aircraft