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Ready for a career unlike any other? Work with one of the world's leading military organisations helping communities and supporting international operations.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF)

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The Royal Australian Navy's expertly trained personnel operate advanced ships and aircraft to protect Australia's interests.

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The Australian Army is a versatile and modern fighting force that helps maintain the security of Australia.

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The Royal Australian Air Force is a world-class force operating advanced aircraft and defence technology.

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Make a difference and challenge yourself with a flexible part-time role in the Reserves.
A submarine glides through the water on a sunny day, showcasing its sleek design and underwater capabilities.

Nuclear Submariner Roles Available now

Be a part of history, working with conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines. This game-changing capability provides superior stealth, speed and range that meet Australia’s long-term defence needs.​

Real Stories

A member of the Navy standing outside smiling.

Seamanship and Small Arms Specialist

A Navy member climbing out of a submarine smiling.

Electronic Warfare Submariner

Medic Murray stands in front of an aircraft with a back pack.


Army Reserve Combat Medic Victoria smiles towards the camera.

Army Reserve Combat Medic

Mission Aircrew Jasmine is flying a plane, her face obscured by her helmet.

Mission Aircrew


Get a real sense of ADF life and operations in our Experience Hub. Take 3D tours of workplaces, join simulated combat exercises, and use interactive tools to find the ideal role based on your skills and passions.

Careers for all Australians

Three indigenous Army members engaged in conversation.
Indigenous programs

A range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs are on offer to ensure you start your ADF career with confidence.

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Women in the ADF

The ADF offers excellent career opportunities for women across every one of our 300+ roles.

A memeber of the Navy looking happily at his small child.
Joining with a family

Our community is home to many families, and we’re committed to ensuring you achieve a good balance between raising kids and progressing your career.

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