The greatest stories come from the smallest of moments, the people you meet, the bonds you make and the support you bring to those who need it most.

Defending our country and people

Alongside the Army and Air Force, the Navy is responsible for defending Australia, its coastline, its shipping lanes and its citizens. This includes protecting our waters from illegal fishing, drug running and illegal immigration, and contributing to regional security. The Navy also supports global interests by providing maritime patrol and response, maintaining a strategic strike capability, protecting shipping, offshore territories and resources, as well as collecting and evaluating maritime intelligence.

Keeping the oceans safe for shipping

On a day-to-day basis, the Navy provides services that keep the waters safe for shipping and professional or recreational seagoing. These include maritime search and rescue service, hydrographic surveys for navigational purposes, anti-piracy operations, meteorological support operations and maritime escort duties.

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Missions

As well as defending our nation, the Navy is on permanent standby to participate in a broad range of operations in Australia and overseas. These include supporting international peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, and helping communities affected by natural disasters such as fire, flood and earthquake.


For some, it’s the technology and rewarding challenges. For others, it’s the friendship, teamwork and work variety. Every submariner has their own reasons for loving the job they do and the place they do it.

What we do

Navy history

Traditions we honour

You’ll become part of time-honoured traditions that serve as a reminder of our rich history. They are important in building the Navy’s ‘esprit de corps’ – our spirit of comradeship and our commitment to each cause.

  • The salute, dating back to the Middle Ages when knights used to raise their visors as both a greeting and a symbol of mutual respect, belief, and trust.
  • The giving of medals to recognise outstanding effort and gallantry, or involvement in significant campaigns or missions.
  • The Colours ceremony when the Australian White Ensign and Australian National Flag are hoisted at 8 am and lowered at sunset (though the Australian White Ensign is flown 24 hours a day at sea).
  • The Ceremonial Sunset, which is one of the oldest and most significant of Navy ceremonies, lowering the Australian White Ensign to conclude days of special importance.

Do your part – part time

Add a rewarding new dimension to your personal and professional life with the Navy Reserve.

Exercise Artemis

Experience an immersive 3D audio tour of a Navy submarine.
An Army member is standing inside a tank, preparing for combat.
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The Australian Army is a versatile and modern fighting force that helps maintain the security of Australia.

Two members of the Air Force are in military uniforms.
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The Royal Australian Air Force is a world-class military force operating some of the most advanced aircraft and defence technology in use anywhere today.