They may wear the same uniform but everyone in the Army has their own story.

Protecting the interests of Australia and our people

Join a versatile and modern fighting force that maintains the security of Australia. Alongside the Navy and Air Force, the Australian Army protects Australia’s national interests on land, deterring threats to Australia’s sovereignty and, if necessary, defeating them. The Army is a professional military capability built upon service, courage, respect, integrity and excellence, employing advanced weaponry, vehicles and military technology.


In addition to defence, the Army supports a broad range of operations in Australia and overseas. This includes supporting international security and counter-terrorism initiatives, protecting our borders from illegal activity and incursions, supporting humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, and helping communities affected by natural disasters.

Adapting to challenges

With potential threats coming from unexpected places, the Army adapts quickly to meet these complex challenges. This includes maintaining our ability to deploy effectively when required and investing in the latest military technology. We also provide world-class training to ensure all of our people are equipped with the skills to adapt to future strategic needs.

What we do

Army history

Traditions we honour

Become part of time-honoured traditions that serve as a reminder of our rich history. They are important in building the Army's esprit de corps – our spirit of comradeship and our commitment to each cause.

  • The salute, acting as both a greeting and a symbol of mutual respect, belief and trust
  • The minute's silence to honour the sacrifice of those who have died
  • Remembrance Day and The Ode of Remembrance honouring the sacrifices made by officers and soldiers in years past
  • The giving of medals to recognise outstanding individual effort or involvement in significant operations.

Do your part – part time

Add a rewarding new dimension to your personal and professional life with the Army Reserve.


Get ready to experience Interactive Battlespace. Join the mission, explore Army combat roles and find your place in the middle of the action. Ready to move out?
A woman in camouflage uniform stands on a ship, ready for action.
navy logo

The Royal Australian Navy operates advanced vessels and aircraft and is expertly trained to defend Australia and perform a variety of maritime duties.

Two members of the Air Force are in military uniforms.
air-force logo

The Royal Australian Air Force is a world-class military force operating some of the most advanced aircraft and defence technology in use anywhere today.