Army Indigenous Development Program (AIDP)

See yourself in the Army? This 17-week program will prepare you to meet the education and fitness requirements for the Army and help build your confidence and resilience before you get started.

Program Details

The Army Indigenous Development Program (AIDP) will help prepare you to meet the requirements for entry. It runs for 17 weeks, and you’ll be fully paid while you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to start a career in the Army.

You’re encouraged to contact our dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Specialist Recruiting Team who are serving ADF members. They can explain the program and guide you through the application process.

What You'll Gain

  • Education: Maths and English as part of a Certificate II in Vocational Skills and Work, First Aid training.
  • Army Skills: Military history and customs, routine, basic drill and teamwork.
  • Personal Development: Self-confidence, mindset, leadership and resilience training.
  • Fitness: Including circuit, strength and endurance training.
  • Adventure: Undertaking caving, roping, abseiling or kayaking.
  • Cultural Activities: Mentoring, Indigenous history and cultural experiences.

Successful completion of the program will give you a TAFE Cert II in Skills for Work and Study.

Where You'll Go

Either Kapooka in NSW or the Defence Establishment Berrimah in Darwin, NT.

Who Will Mentor You

You’ll receive guidance and mentoring from current serving ADF members who will help you as you begin your career in the Army.

Who You'll Become

You'll leave the program with the potential to start an Army career with the relevant skills, knowledge and qualifications.


See where a career in the ADF can take you.

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Call 13 19 01 and ask to speak with our dedicated Specialist Recruiting Team for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
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