Career Categories


Roles15 full time0 part time


Roles38 full time11 part time

Combat and Security

Roles58 full time14 part time

Communications, IT and Intelligence

Roles41 full time4 part time

Logistics, Hospitality and Support

Roles52 full time15 part time


Roles34 full time0 part time

Officers and Management

Roles84 full time65 part time


Roles24 full time3 part time

Healthcare, Science and Chaplaincy

Roles38 full time52 part time

Business, Administration and Education

Roles21 full time8 part time

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A woman in camouflage uniform standing on a ship, ready for action.
navy logo

The Royal Australian Navy's expertly trained personnel operate advanced ships and aircraft to protect Australia's interests.

An Army member standing inside a tank, preparing for combat.
army logo

The Australian Army is a versatile and modern fighting force that helps maintain the security of Australia.

Two members of the Air Force in military uniforms observing something.
air-force logo

The Royal Australian Air Force is a world-class force operating advanced aircraft and defence technology.

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