Real stories

Discover the real you in an organisation that values diversity and individuality.

A member of the Navy standing outside smiling.

Seamanship and Small Arms Specialist

Military Policewoman Shannon is under the hood of an Army vehicle.Tara

Military Police

Aviation Medical Officer Ashish stands with his arms crossed in his Air Force uniform, a red medical cross on his arm.

Aviation Medical Officer

A Navy member climbing out of a submarine smiling.

Electronic Warfare Submariner

Army Officer Colin is in a helmet ready for action.

Army Officer

Loadmaster Coomara smiles at camera.


A man in the Navy standing outside.

Marine Technician

Aircraft Technician Amber works on a plane.

Aircraft Technician

Mission Aircrew Jasmine is flying a plane, her face obscured by her helmet.

Mission Aircrew

Electronics Technician Bronson works on a motherboard.

Electronics Technician 

Army Officer Ellies walks through a military warehouse.Tara

Army Officer

Two air traffic controllers are working in the tower.

Air Traffic Controller

Careers with purpose working at sea, on land and in the air.

Diversity and equality is our strength

Multicultural Diversity

With over 300 roles across a wide variety of disciplines and professions, the ADF welcomes applications from all over Australia. Our selection processes are free from cultural, racial and gender bias and we believe this approach brings a unique blend of skills, strengths and knowledge to our operations.

Rewarding careers for women

It’s an even playing field with no restrictions on positions that can be applied for. We pay the same salary for each role regardless of gender and provide everyone we employ with equal career pathway options.


There are flexible ways to join, with the needs of female candidates in mind, you’ll be given assistance with fitness and resilience and have the option to take a role with just a two-year commitment.

Equal Opportunities

Through training and sponsored education, your personal and vocational development is invested in, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnic background or cultural background. In fact, our ADF recruiters are committed to identifying the very best people for each role based on education, aptitude and potential.

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