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When your child takes on a vital role in defending Australia and its national interests, it’s natural to have hesitations. But today’s ADF is an inclusive, supportive, people-focused and forward-thinking organisation.
Not only does the ADF support defence initiatives and a range of peacetime services around the globe, it also provides exceptional care, benefits and extraordinary opportunities for both career and personal growth.

A high-level of care

The ADF recognises the critical importance of people being well-rested and well-cared for. In the ADF your child will have comfortable accommodation and a good selection of high-quality, satisfying meals to help them perform at their peak. They’ll also have access to free fitness facilities, a multitude of sport and recreation spaces and free healthcare.

Safety First

During training, on base, on board, and on exercises and operations, safety and security are taken extremely seriously, with strict protocols supported by rigorous safety training. In addition, the ADF is committed to promoting equality and diversity, both in the workplace and in the Defence community. An Equity Adviser Network supports ADF personnel at all levels to help maintain a working environment that’s safe and free of harassment and discrimination.

Education and Career Growth

The ADF is an incredible place for your child to learn and make the most of their education. Whether they choose to pursue a trade or higher education, your child will get paid a salary and receive other benefits while studying. Or build on an existing degree with additional study and career training. Whether at the Australian Defence Force Academy or an Australian university of their choice, they’ll get a world-class education, ongoing career development and salary progression. All in a supportive environment, surrounded by like-minded people, to forge friendships that last a lifetime.

The Best They Can Be

In the ADF, your child will discover unique opportunities and challenges that will shape them in ways they never thought possible. They’ll develop their confidence and skills as well as receiving the education and financial support they need to rise to the top. Plus, ADF personnel never stop learning – from training, study and apprenticeships to leadership and management. A career in the ADF provides opportunities to fulfil their potential in every way.



Support services – whenever you need them

Families of ADF members have free access to a number of support programs. These include:

  • crisis support
  • health and wellbeing resources
  • partners and dependants' information
  • local service activities and events
  • service specific to the military life cycle
  • information regarding service records, medals and awards.

Find answers to all types of questions about life in the ADF

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