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In the Army Reserve, you’ll enjoy challenges and experiences outside the everyday, without compromising your lifestyle. Plus, Reserve service is flexible and can fit around your family, life and work commitments.

Flexibility for your lifestyle

You can get involved in a way that suits you.

Close to home

With military units all over the country, you can serve close to home.

Choose number of days

Work a minimum of 20 days or up to 100 days a year. The number of days you choose to work is flexible – it depends on your training and if you choose to undertake deployment.

Stay as long as you want

There’s no contract duration so you have the freedom to stay as long as you want. Plus, if you leave, you can always come back.

Real Stories

Army Reserve Combat Medic Victoria smiles towards the camera.

Army Reserve Combat Medic

Army Reserve Combat Medic Narelle smiles at camera.

Army Reserve Combat Medic

Army Reserve Infantry Soldier Simon is in full camouflage gear,  smiling at camera.

Army Reserve Infantry Soldier

Army Reserve Chef Iresha smiles at camera.

Army Reserve Chef

Army Reserve Officer Ajay smiles at camera.

Army Reserve Army Officer

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