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While it’s important to ensure each student’s future aligns with their abilities and interests, your guidance and knowledge is key in helping them find a career they’ll love.

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Students might not be aware of the incredible career opportunities the ADF offers, or even the benefits such as being paid to study or having a career that allows them to travel. For ambitious students looking for a career unlike any other, the ADF is a great option to explore.

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There are over 300 roles in the ADF and it’s easy to access all the information you need through our website, with resources designed specifically for career advisors. We can also arrange information sessions and visits to your school. Plus, if you need answers fast, simply call 13 19 01.

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Joining the ADF and moving away from family is a big decision. While some students are naturally nervous, others can’t wait for the adventure that lies ahead. Either way, they’re bound to have questions. Encourage your students to visit the ADF Careers website to research roles, learn about the benefits and career progression, and to really understand what life is like in the ADF. They can also read FAQs, take a quiz, use helpful tools, attend an information session or gain valuable knowledge by speaking with an ADF Careers Coach.


Training in the ADF develops a good balance of military, educational and vocational skills, drives career progression and sets people up for life.

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