I always had an interest in joining the Australian Defence Force and contributing to something bigger.

Matthew: Army Reserve Army Officer

How it started

Throughout school and my early university studies, I was involved in various leadership programs, so Army Reserve Officer training felt like the natural progression for me. I guess also watching a lot of action movies as a kid, I had this idea of getting my hands dirty and throwing on a uniform.

I’m an Information Officer for Victoria Police, working within the Freedom of Information Division. I shifted to part-time hours in mid-2021 to accommodate my Bachelor of Business degree studies as well as Army Reserve commitments. Thankfully I have a supportive employer and a flexible university that grants me extensions for assessments if necessary.

What I do

I’m a General Service Officer within the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers corps. The Army Reserve has gifted me with a variety of skills and experiences and while not everything translates exactly to civilian work, often the reasoning and logic behind the skills do.

At the same time, I’m very appreciative of the lessons and skills I have picked up outside of the Army Reserve as they often come in handy when serving. Not every problem requires a brilliant tactical plan, sometimes you rely more heavily on your soft skills to work through a solution.

How it's made an impact

I take a great deal of pride in everything I do, be that in training or on the job. I’d say I feel most emotionally connected when I’m instructing and passing on knowledge. Being able to take what I have learnt and communicate it in my own way is something I really enjoy. Seeing someone respond to my instruction and enjoy their learning fills me with a great sense of joy and pride.


The most rewarding thing I’ve done with the Army Reserve has probably been my initial GSO and trade training, due to the friendships and professional relationships I have been able to form.

The best bit is the mates you make while in the Reserve. Undoubtedly the training and work you go through is tough at times but the people by your side make it worth it.

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