Being an Infantry Soldier in the Army Reserve means there’s another group of mates I get to be with.

Tim: Army Reserve Infantry Soldier

How it started

At one time I completed ultra-marathons. There are some parallels with serving in the Army Reserve in a combat role, such as being out in the bush with all the gear you need to survive on your back, covering anywhere from 25km to over 100km on foot.

I felt that Infantry Soldier would be a good complementary role and I wanted to do something physically demanding. Joining an Infantry battalion fulfilled this.

What I do

The Army Reserve is a second job like no other, working with equipment that does not exist in many other types of employment. Plus, I often get to travel to other parts of Australia on deployments.

Training on Tuesday night includes PT and minor Infantry tactics with admin on the side. A couple of times in the year it involves more substantial military tasks.

How it's made an impact

I was involved in Operation Covid Assist, working alongside NSW Police. I also got the opportunity to be involved in Operation Bushfire Assist. During the bushfires the weather was extremely hot with back-to-back days.


The thing I love most about the Army Reserve is the deployments.

Plus, I enjoy that it’s a physically demanding role with typical gym work, whilst completing more compound-based exercises with little break in between.

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Infantry Soldier

Experience action and adventure as part of a highly trained combat team, receiving advanced weaponry training in this flexible, part-time role.

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General Entry: Non-Technical Reserve

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Infantry Officer

Take command of a close-knit and highly trained combat team operating in diverse and challenging environments; in this exciting and rewarding part-time leadership role.

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Officer Entry: Reserve

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Military Police

Help maintain military effectiveness and the Army's reputation in this part-time role, through general policing around Army bases, and on exercises and deployments.

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General Entry: Non-Technical Reserve

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