Recognising student achievements in STEM

The Australian Defence Force is encouraging the next generation of innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers – bright Australian students who are succeeding in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Achievement in STEM opens up a range of exciting opportunities. You could find yourself work with cutting-edge technologies and helping shape our nation’s future. This award could lead you to great things, so enter today.

Innovate and achieve

As a winner of the ADF Future Innovators Award, year 10 students will be rewarded with a $250 cash prize and a certificate of achievement, and year 12 students with a $550 cash prize and a certificate of achievement.

Being recognised as an ADF Future Innovator shows you have what it takes to make a big difference. Discuss your interest in the award with your school.

Award criteria

Students will be awarded on their ability to demonstrate innovation and learning in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Each participating school can select a winner from Year 10 and a winner from Year 12.

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Explore your STEM potential in the ADF

Just like you, our Navy, Army and Air Force members have the opportunity to innovate new capabilities across a range of world-class platforms, systems and networks.

Whether you are interested in cyber, engineering, medicine, aviation, communications or technology the Australian Defence Force helps you innovate and lead as you put your STEM skills to use.

Plan for an exciting career in STEM

The Australian Defence Force builds, maintains and sustains some of the world’s most advanced systems and technology. For someone who is passionate about pursuing a rewarding and challenging career in STEM, roles in the Navy, Army and Air Force offer opportunities to learn about and work with state of the art technology. Every day you would be responsible for delivering superior capability in unique operating environments on and within equipment installed in ships, vehicles, submarines and aircraft.